The Secret of Happiness

 As Priyanka Chopra had rightly said in one Interview, How much though u do, u can never please Everybody! And I second this Completely👍 Life goes on in pleasing people & being good to everyone but u can not always come in good books of all the people around you even though u take lots of Efforts & Energy. Meanwhile pleasing others & trying to make people happy around u, we are not Happy.  Biggest mistake which people makes in life is trying to make others happy rather just be themselves happy. Yet another big mistake done by people is they Always Thing What Others are Thinking about them! Biggest Reason to be Sad in Life is what others are thinking about them.  Biggest Solution to be Happy which hardly people know is, Rather than thinking what others are thinking about them, we should be thinking, what "We" think about them.  Are they really worth of the Importance we give them in our life?  Why to give them the key to make us sad, When the Authority of that Key

Nothing Remains Constant In Life

Nothing Remains Constant In Life💭 This Line is Apsolutely True & So Much Relatable in Life. Thinking about it, Sitting Today & Flashing thru the Memories of Past...Makes me Realize this. Nothing has Remained the Same & Constant in my Life as Well. Starting from Childhood...the Friends in Neighbourhood, School Friends, Going out with Family all have Changed. Ofcourse, with Time, Things do Change but sometimes it really makes us think that whatever we have today & the Life which we are Living Right Now, is Not going to Remain Constant Either! ( Well on a Good Note...This Pandemic of Corona is also Going to be a Past which we all want to End) but if we think, the time we are spending with our loved onces, our Children, our Parents, Current Friends is all going to pass aswell. Life keeps moving but are we really Cherishing it? Today when I think of my School Life, I badly MISS the Samosa I used to have in our Recess(Break Time). Ofcourse we can get Samosa toda


Currently I am Loving what I am Doing bcoz it makes me feel so much more Confident & Self Independent. Also I Feel I am worth so much than I imagined. You only value your Skills once you start using them. Today I give my Best in whatever I do & it really makes me so much Happie😀 And it is so much Important to be Happie & Self Satisfied from Inside! Being Happie gives us Immense Peace from Within🙌 Self Love is very Important to Stay Happie. Also its rightly said in Movie Jab We Met, Kareena Kapoor's Dialogue " Main Apni Favorite Hun" . And Today actually I Love Myself so Much! Coz if you love Yourself u really don't care about what others are thinking about you, which is so Important.  I just really feel, Half people in this World are Unhappy because they keep thinking "What others are thinking about themself" Why not we think, what we are thinking about them instead & give Importance to our own self rather than Others? Love Your

My Creative Arts Journey

 Creative Arts Started? Creative Arts Started with an IDEA .  I Sole Enterpreneur of Creative Arts, Binal Patadia would like to share my Journey & How CA started its Existence. I was working in an IT firm. But over a period of time, wanted to start something of my own & had few ideas in mind while sitting in office. Also had started with few projects to work on my Ideas. It was back in 2016, when I gave my Idea a Name " Creative Arts " Than after quiting my Job & having a Baby, I started making her learn basic things through different concepts. I made a Book for her with a Montessori Concept. Than I thought, if my Baby is Enjoying learning in such Fun Way, than why not I share this with other kids as well. I started creating books & it was appreciated by many mothers. Than my idea also went into creating some unique products with a concept of Personalization. I created few samples for my Own Daughter & started promoting them. It slowly starte

Idea of Blogging

How I got Idea of Blogging! Frankly, I never thought I can be a Blogger some day. It all happen suddenly today that I should start Blogging as these days, I am Enjoying Writing so Much! I would like to mention here, I am not a Professional Blogger here, but definitely would like to share my Thoughts out here. Now, this Idea of Blogging Started when I was writing My Blog Post for my Company "Creative Arts". I Never Imagined, I was so Good in writing Post & I Actually Enjoy It😀 And when I participated in a Challenge on my Instagram, I shared my Story of how Creative Arts started, It was appreciated by so many people, so I thought why not start blogging. So Guys, do let me knw if u like to read my blogs. I will be posting my Life Stories along with my Creative Products Details in blogs. Starting Today...Hoping I continue this along with my Journey in my Life...🤗